Human Foundations Testimonials


'' At work, my main take away was the Small Giant thinking. Approaching a situation with a potentially difficult stakeholder with a Small Giant mentality is going to give me more confidence that a positive outcome will be achieved.

The most important thing is to remember the most important thing. My wife and I have discussed this since the training, and both agree that it is a great message. I have started to plan time with my kids to do fun activities that will be beneficial for both of us.
Looping back to my first point, I think the big difference for me was the way the information was communicated. The information was interesting on its own, but the link to academic type sources (studies etc) really helped it to resonate with me. In the current age I feel like critical literacy is a skill that many people are missing, so I try to understand the source of information that I am taking on board. Your training helped me understand that what was being communicated wasn't just an opinion of a few people, but academically backed information that will be helpful for me.
I enjoyed the training and look forward to reading/listening to some of the recommended literature, hoping to take this momentum through to the end of the year and into 2022 as we deliver our Procurement Transformation Project. ""

- MICHAEL BECKER, Business Engagement Lead

 Logan City Council

"" Great program!! I really enjoyed it and appreciate the practical tools given along the way. I have a very long audio-book list now!!
The program included scientific information which increased my understanding of thinking processes. Other programs haven't always included the scientific data. I feel including the scientific data has given me confidence that the tools will actually work.
Best of all workable tools were given which can be implanted easily to improve work and home relationships. ""

-LISA-JANE LOWE, Property Officer – Telecommunications
 Logan City Council

"" It's applicability to every aspect of my life. I also love getting opportunities to be real with other people I am close to. It makes the ongoing relationship so much easier.
I really like that the program encourages such open communication and reflections outside work as well. I am more conscious of stepping back to think about why I or others might react or behave in certain ways.
I have never done anything quite like this. It is much more immediately relevant than other "soft" skills training I have done. ""

-IAN WESSLING, Financial & Support Services Manager
Aurora Marketing

"" Of most value is the practical advice on thought process and perspective. I can (and already have) used the information provided to better my problem perception, thought and action as well as pass the advice to family and colleagues.
This is a great course. Just what I needed. I would highly recommend. It has the perfect balance between Work/Life content reliability. ""

-JASON HEATLEY, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Specialist
Logan City Council

ISG Testimonials


"" The best training I have ever done by far. I have done a lot of leadership and management training. This is a clear stand out. This should be taught in schools to kids. I may have done less horrible things to myself and others had I got this knowledge much earlier in my life.
A major benefit is the simplified explanation of how your brain actually works and associated psychology with the group sessions to consolidate how it's going for each person.
The benefits are immeasurable. Better interaction at work on an increasing scale. Understanding expectation versus reality has helped be better at listening and taking action.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to up skill my life in a safe place. ""

-CRAIG FOGGO, Head of Global Safety
CHC Heli Europe Mediterranean East Asia

"" It truly is a foundation.
The Human Foundation program gave me a simple effective way to think. To think about everything. About myself, what I can do, how I can think differently and importantly, how I interact with others.
It has given me the confidence to put the new thinking and approaches into practice. I have a better connection with my team members, stakeholders and family that I know will be sustainable because I am the one who has changed how I engage with them.
The program is engaging. The stories resonate and make you wonder what you did before you knew what you now know.
The perfect integration of theory, discussion and practice.
Empowering. ""

-KATH JOHNSTON, Director (Strategy)
Office of the Deputy Director-General Infrastructure Management and Delivery Division
Department of Transport and Main Roads

"" I can recommend the course to anyone. Whilst I have touched on some of the elements in various courses, specifically in the military, this course has a more holistic approach.
What I notice is that there are constant adaptations of the program, with new information/different viewpoints coming in according to the group. Changes are made, but not too radical. This to me indicates that the improvement scheme is organic and working.
From the manner in which the information builds up to the way learning and experiences are shared, it is the completeness of the package that is great. Individual items that stand out are the WIN principle, the Take Protocols and Framing. Taking the time to ask myself 'what is the small giant approach?', Can I influence this or not? and taking my time before I take a stance or answer. ""

-HARRY BOS, Manager Flight Ops/ ISG
CHC Heli Europe Mediterranean East Asia

"" The entire program is amazing. The context itself, Jonathan's passion, the innovative and effective format the program is delivered to audience.
It changes completely the way we see the world, the relationships, and life's challenges. It gives you scientific tools to deal with day-to-day struggles. It reduces the level of stress and anxiety.
It has improved my quality of life by understanding how chemicals are triggered in our brain and body, and through effective tools to deal with good and bad feelings.
I've never experienced such training program before. It really adds tons of value, and unlocks powerful tools to either personal and professional environments. It has changed the way I see life. Every person in the world should be exposed to this material. ""

-LEONARDO VELINCAS, Supply Chain, Senior Manager
CHC Heli Latin America

"" For me the best part was the how the course material was constantly linked back to studies and scientific evidence. This is an important of the learning process for me.
I really like the idea of being able to push my mind down a more positive line of thinking.
It was enjoyable discussing important topics candidly with colleagues. The way that Small Giants facilitated the sessions allowed this to happen.
It gave me confidence to use skills I already had. Stopped me getting annoyed about things and helped me look at it through another lens. At home it helped me concentrate on what's important now. ""

-ROB TATTEN, Accountable Manager
CHC Heli Ireland