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Human Foundations: New Digital Experience.

Understand how your brain works and learn concepts and tools for better thinking processes.

Human Foundations provide a foundation for 'understanding self' and understanding others, and it is our thinking which determines our entire experience of life. The problem is no one teaches us how to think skillfully. Human Foundations breaks the thinking process into the three main cognitive functions. Each function has associated thinking skills that can be taught, practised and mastered. If you are a better thinker, you'll be a better leader, a better parent, a better partner, and a better person. Better thinking equals a better life. When individuals understand this, they can apply these skills across all areas of their lives. It offers significant benefits to the organisation along with the individual participants. 

The program offers participants a common language that is used as a shared understanding on how to respond skilfully to challenges they face. A shared language brings teams closer together and weakens the effects of organisational silos. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal, it is one of the most cited benefits from our clients.


At work, my main take away was the Small Giant thinking. Approaching a situation with a potentially difficult stakeholder with a Small Giant mentality is going to give me more confidence that a positive outcome will be achieved.

MICHAEL BECKER - Business Engagement Lead
Logan City Council
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